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Tripawds is the best help center for your tripod dog or cat. This is a user-supported community for sharing your story and learning about amputation and bone cancer care for companion animals.

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Jill the Cancer Fighting Tripawd Cat


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K9 Float Coat Helps Three Legged Dogs Swim


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ruff wear webmaster harnessTripawds Gear Blog

Helpful products and assistive gear for three legged pets. From the best mobility harnesses and floatation vests for three-legged dogs, to traction boots and canine rehabilitation therapy tools, visit the Tripawds Gear Blog for member-tested products that can give your tripod a healthy, comfortable life.


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Helpful pet cancer and health guides including e-books, videos, podcasts and more! Learn about the Tripawd lifestyle with our downloadable e-books about limb amputation, how to fight dog cancer, Tripawd exercise tips and more. You’ll also find the world’s best articles, videos and podcasts about life on three legs.


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Your one-stop-shop for three-legged dog and cat gifts. Hand-crafted Tripawds jewelry is always a perfect fit. Give vets and friends Tripawds calendars, hats, and custom t-shirts. Name your price for Tripawds Bandanas and make your own Tripawd Heroes books!


Tripawds KillBarney Tour BookThe KillBarney Blog

What is the KillBarney Tour? Your Tripawd can join an ongoing celebration of Tripawds Founder Jerry G. Dawg’s obsession with this little purple demon. Jerry’s nemesis has visited dozens of Tripawds members, with more hilarious adventures to come. Will you be next?


Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt RayJerry’s Legacy, Wyatt Ray Dawg

Follow the adventures of three legged German Shepherd Dog Wyatt! No dog can fill the paws of Tripawds founder Jerry G. Dawg but current Tripawds Spokespup Wyatt Ray Dawg sure gives it a good go! Follow Wyatt as he travels in search of people and pets who need regulating.


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Tripawd Heroes features the inspirational stories of dogs loving life on three legs! Personalize a copy with your own photos for your vet.


Learn about the importance of Apoptosis for dogs fighting cancer and how Apocaps can help dogs live longer, healthier and beat the odds.


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