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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m certainly giviving thanks today. There my be no turkey for me and Jim this year, but I’m going home! I woke up this morning and was still in the hospital, so I got up on my own right away and waited for the doctor. I told him to take me outside where I showed him I could pee just fine. Then I told him to call Jim and Rene and let them take me home.

He told them I’ve “bounced right back” and I’m not sure if he’s just making fun of me or what. But they must have been really happy and excited to come get me. I can’t wait either. We’ve got a long ride home but I couldn’t think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving day! They’ve set up a big soft bed in the back of the truck that is more comfy than anything else I have at home … except maybe my couch. I’m just glad I don’t have to spend another night at Davis.

We’ll add some pictures of my cool scar next time. Until then …. ARF ARF ARF (“Gobble Gobble”)!

Jerry after amputation surgery

6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. It is really rewarding to go back in time (2 years time) to see and understand more of what happened to you and Jerry during this time. I know you were so relieved to bring him home and I’m sure you had so many questions & fears of what was to lie ahead. I’m so glad I’m reading all these first blogs. I love you, Jim and Rene, from the bottom of my heart. I don’t know if you will ever see these messages, or not, but at least I am able to thank you for everything you have done for so many people and dogs over the last two years. You are very generous and amazing people. Love, Blazer & Mom (Vicki)


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