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Back to the Beach…

Jerry at the BeachMy fur’s coming back, and now that the temperature outside hasn’t been as cold, my Mom says I don’t have to wear my dog coats as much. I’m really starting to feel like the rugged dog I used to be!

Mom also lets me hang out in the yard by myself when I want to, she’s not as paranoid now that I’ve shown her how capable I am!

I get to go to the beach pretty often now. Be sure to check out my latest movies and photos to see how I can still tear apart the kelp and play in the surf.

1 thought on “Back to the Beach…”

  1. And, capable you really are in your photos, Jerry! I’ll bet you had a blast at the beach! What fun for you and your pawrents! Love, Blazer, Kitty Kimber & Vicki


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