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Snow Day for Jerry

Snow Day for JerryWoo hoo! We had such a blast on Horse Mountain yesterday, playing in the snow! It was freezing cold but I didn’t care. I ate so much snow, and my belly got so full of water, that later that night after I ate my dinner, I puked it up all up in the middle of the night.

I gave Mom and Dad a good scare today. I was coughing all morning, and they thought it was a bad sign. So they rushed me to the vet to have my lungs x-rayed. And the good news is… no big signs of meta-somethings invading my lungs from the cancer!

That’s THREE months now past my diagnosis and surgery. Yeeeeaaaay!!!! Just look at how happy I am in these movies…

2 thoughts on “Snow Day for Jerry”

  1. Great video and great photo! It is so amazing how agile he was so soon after his surgery. Jerry, the wonder dog! Love, Vicki & the Kids


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