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Check out my new Website!

Dawg TiredWoof… I’m tired. All this programming makes me sleepy. 😉 Finally… A real blog! My people have been busy updating this site to make it easier to post so you’ll be hearing a lot more from me now.

This is the last week in our house and they are excited to wrap up training and finalize the sale of their graphics business. Me? I’m just excited that I won’t have to go up and down all the stairs here every day.

I keep hearing about this road trip we’re taking and can’t wait for all the upcoming adventures. Thank Dog our new trailer only has three steps! Be sure to check out our Full-Time RV’er blog to see what we’re up to…

4 thoughts on “Check out my new Website!”

  1. Oh my Dog Jerry, I have a Barney sleeping bag too! I thought I was the only one. I take it camping along with my Scooby Doo backpack. If you’re ever in Colorado, come see me. I’ll show you all of my cool stuff and we can have a three-legged race.
    Dale the Ariedale

  2. Hey Winston, I keep telling Mom to send you another Barney and she keeps forgetting!

    I miss you too, I wish you were here in Petaluma with me to romp around in these fields where we are camped at my uncle’s house. It’s pretty here, and really dirty too, I’m having a blast with his 8 month old Lab dogs. Man, they are real hillbilly dogs and they’re too much fun.

    Please try to hook up with us in a couple of weeks when we’re in the mountains, it would be so cool to see you.

    Love, Yerry

  3. Hi Yerry…it’s your friend Winston. I see that you are still enjoying your Barney sleeping bag! I still love the Barney that your mom sent – he’s unstuffed…just the way i like him! I miss you! I hope your mom and dad and my mom and dad will get together real soon!


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