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All Meat and No Kibble Makes Me One Skinny Dawg

Jerry Keeping GuardI’ve been having so much fun running around, keeping an eye on varmints and deer, that Mom says I’ve lost some weight. She seemed a little worried, so yesterday she went out of her way to find a pet store that sold my special brand of food, Innova Evo kibble. Lucky dog that we have satellite internet on our trip.

I used to eat the kibble all the time, along with raw meat a few times a week. Then Mom thought she could convert me to straight raw meat meals on this trip. Well, I love the meat, but I guess it ain’t enough or she doesn’t know what she’s doing, because I’ve dropped some weight!

In Bishop, Mom found a store called Pet Friendzy that sold my high-end pet food. She stocked up, and is trying to fatten me up again! Now, I get meat, and kibble with veggies for dinner every night! Yum!

2 thoughts on “All Meat and No Kibble Makes Me One Skinny Dawg”

  1. That’s good that you noticed the raw food diet might not be sustaining Jerry’s weight and you were lucky enough to find the high-end Innova EVO kibble. Smart thinking! Love, Blazr & Vicki

  2. Hey Jerry!
    Don’t get too skinny there buddy! I’m glad your mama found the Evo for you so she can fatten you back up. We MISS you around here and Nickie feels REALLY bad for all that barking she did to you. She’s just intimidated by your handsomeness and doesn’t have any better way to express it. Silly doggie. We love all 3 of y’all!!!

    Jess and Nickie


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