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Online Doggy Dating

cute california girl dogI just got this email from a hot young Southern California dog:

I’m 5 years old (35 young doggie years) and love long walks on the beach, chasing the dogs next door, barking at raccoons and coyotes and snuggling with my peeps.  I have beautiful fur and stand about waist high with a long bushy tail.

I would love to go out on a date with you but please treat me like the dog I am and no doggy style till the 3rd date…If your ever around Fallbrook stop in and see me…

Too bad we’ve already past through California on our full-time RV road trip. If only I knew her name…

1 thought on “Online Doggy Dating”

  1. Wow, it looks like you missed out on a hot time, Jerry, but rest assured, there are plenty of cute ladies out there just waiting to meet a star like you! You are a real catch in any girl’s eyes, so don’t be disappointed. Love, Blazer & Vicki


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