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Dog Tired from the Heat!

Poor Hot JerryI sure hope my people choose somewhere a lot cooler to settle down, if they ever do. After spending a week in a hot, dry, dusty, Flastaff Arizona KOA campground, I am sure ready to move on to a cooler climate.

To top off the week they dragged me through the steep streets of the historic mining town of Jerome. At least the barkeep at Paul and Jerry’s saloon was kind enough to share his tip jar with me. I didn’t make any money … he just filled it with water after feeling bad for not letting me in.

On the way back to the trailer at least we got to stop and play in the water at shady Oak Creek Canyon.

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4 thoughts on “Dog Tired from the Heat!”

  1. The funny thing about those Colorado Mountains is they can be hot one day in the summer then dump 20 inches of snow the next day, even in Denver. I’ll never forget one of the first 4th of July’s we had had in Denver, it actually snowed all day! Another year, on my May 13th birthday, we had snow and I was planning on sunbathing that day, just like I had the day before. Hah! Colorado weather is very fickle and can be dangerous to travelers who are not aware of the sudden changes that can occur. Love, Blazer & Mom (Vicki)

  2. Oh Winston, there’s no escaping it! We are in Colorado now, in the mountains, and it’s still too durn hot!

    I love the photos of you. I have them hanging in our trailer. I like the way you chew up Barney!

  3. hey Jerr – Looks like you’re having fun! My mom and dad have been taking me swimming in the good old SF Bay to stay cool – it’s been “sweltering” here (in the 80’s)!! I’m still having fun with my new barney…..Miss you!


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