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One Tired Dawg

Jerry Poses at Devil's TowerWe’ve just updated my photo gallery with a few new pictures from my full-time RVing adventure but I’ve been having far too much fun to do much more. New movies of me swimming at Keyhole Reservoir and playing Frisbee at Devil’s Tower will be coming soon, I promise.

Did you know it was originally called Bear’s Lodge by the Native Americans? We met a Lakota national forest ranger who was kind enough to let me go up the trail to see this sacred place up close. My people pulled the old Therapy Dog routine, flashing my expired license, and convinced the ranger to let me hop up the trail marked “No Dogs” … I’ll never understand why they don’t allow us dogs on those trails, yet they let all those kids and fat people walk all over and toss trash around.

We only walked up to the boulder field at the base of the tower, but that was far enough for me. Jim pulled a bunch of my hair and wove it into a strand he tied around a tree with all the other Native American prayer offerings. Hopefully that will bring me good health and well being for years to come. Later we ran and played a lot. Just look at how tired I got…

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