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Tribute to: Rumpelstilskin


October 22nd, 2001-July 5th, 2007

A true friend, always there, always happy, my buddy.

Silly yet stoic, with a personality that was magnificent.

Your funny pig face that you did will always be remembered

Rumpelstilskin 2

Now in heaven playing with the children

If love could have cured you, you would have lived forever!

– Roseann and Mychal LaVia

Rumpelstilskin 2

7 thoughts on “Tribute to: Rumpelstilskin”

  1. Sorry to hear about your Rumpel’s passing. Even though I have Taz I still think about my other Shepherd, Konig and he’s been gone over 15 years now. They (dogs) seem to imprint themselves into your very soul. i could go on about there virtues but it would be saying what all dog owners know. My sympathies to both of you, Kerry & Tanya

  2. I know it’s tough losin’ our best friends huh Ro! I’ll keep you in my heart, and I”ll pass your loss onto my ‘boys’……..(Melvin, Otis, and MiniMe)REMEMBER MY BOYS?…..I’m sure there’s gotta be some code that doggie angels have for connecting back down here 🙂 Don’t freak out when your other boys start yappin into the wind for no apparent reason…. 🙂
    I sure hope the movie was right in sayin’……… ” All Dogs Go To Heaven”….
    But does the mean we should bring ‘pooper scoopers’ along when it’s our time……..I’m THINKIN’…….. You know u and Mych are always in my Heart!!!

  3. Roseann and Mychal — We will miss Rumpel. He truly was a magnificent dog … funny, friendly, loyal, loving … just like the two of you. Love, Janet and Dave

  4. This is a beautiful tribute. We are sorry for your loss. I bet Rumpel and Sydney are playing in heaven right now. You are in our thoughts.


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