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Long Time No Beach

Whitefish Point BeachMore happy faces yesterday when I finally got to go to the beach again! It’s been months since I used to run and play on the beach and the Samoa Dunes near Eureka, CA. But I haven’t even smelled a beach ever since we started driving. And in all honesty, I didn’t really smell one yesterday.

But it sure looked like the beach. There was sand, waves, seagulls, driftwood … just no kelp! And the air smelled clean and fresh instead of salty and fishy.

They say this place is a lake. But it’s like no lake I’ve ever seen. It’s just so … big! But I was sure glad to run on the beach again anyway.

We did meet these cute kids who had fun throwing rocks in the water. Boy how I just wanted to go in after them! I hate it when they sink like that though. Everyone was eventually able to distract me long enough to take this picture. And then we were off again to another lake, another adventure.

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