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Swingin’ Doggy-o

Jerry the Three-Legged SwingerI just recently discovered how much fun playgrounds can be! I especially like the swings. While my people like to sit in them for some reason, I’m perfectly content pulling on them and barking.

Back at Indian Creek Campground there was quite a taunting toy – a ball was tethered to a pole just out of reach. What a tease that was! I tried to jump for the ball but was only able to hit it and make it swing a couple times before my people got worried that I was jumping to high. Sure, my hips aren’t what they used to be, but let a dog have some fun why don’t ya…

There was also this nifty wooden platform there that spun around and round driving me crazy. I kept biting at it and as soon as my people got off, I was able to stop it from spinning. But at Honey Do Campground where we are now, I went to bite their spinning thing and quickly discovered it was made of metal! I could still bark at it though … until I discovered the swing set!

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