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Punxsy Jerry

What a relaxing time I’m having while hangin’ with my Auntie Emi in Pennsylvania this week. She lives near Punxsutawney, that town that gets all crazy over this big rodent named Phil every February 2nd. You know, Groundhog Day.

Gobbler's Knob, Punxsutawney PennsylvaniaWell, I went to Gobbler’s Knob to try to sniff Phil out, but he was busy munching down on some crab apples or something because he was nowhere to be found.


Jerry on the Couch of our Arctic 245N Fox Fifth WheelIt was a warm day in Pennsylvania. All that fun wore me out!

Jerry Getting Canine Health Certificate in PennsylvaniaOh yeah, I went to the local vet’s office to get my Health Certificate. I was so worried, I thought I was going to get a shot. Instead, I got some treats, and a piece of paper. This paper is my Doggie Passport that gets me into Canada without any hassles. I guess you gotta have one of these just to prove you’re not a canine terrorist or something.

We’ll be crossing the border very soon at Toronto, to see where Grandma Mary and Grandpa Jim met. Oakville, here we come!

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