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Jerry’s YouTube Star Video Smackdown

My people recently took me to meet a fellow YouTube star when passing through Vermont on our full-time RVing sabbatical. While Heidi of creekracer fame is no Tripawd, she sure is a beautiful German Shepherd bitch. Our people have been commenting on each other’s videos since before we left on our cross-country adventure. So when we got into Heidi’s neck of the woods we just had to track her down for a good butt-sniffing.

While I just wanted to play, play, play when we met, I did respect Heidi since we were on her turf and she is a respectable older woman. But our people brought out the cameras anyway. Below are results of them following us around as Heidi showed me her stomping grounds for some awesome grass grazing …

Rate this movie on YouTube and watch other jerrygdawg classics.

Rate this movie on YouTube and watch other creekracer classics.

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