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From One Ocean to Another: Jerry Reaches the Atlantic

What a week. On Monday I celebrated 10 whole months since my surgery, and today I swam in the Atlantic Ocean!
Tripod Swims in the Atlantic OceanI did it, I’ve arrived. I’m a zillion miles from home and still going strong. Even though the docs told my Mom and Dad that the chances of me making it this far were slim to none, I proved them wrong, didn’t I?

Acadia National Park Sand BeachWhat a great day this was. We arrived in Acadia National Park, Maine, set up camp, then got to the beach as fast as we could. It was sunny and warm, and I ran all the way down do the water where I splashed and dug up sand and barked a lot!Acadia National Park Sand BeachMom and Dad got all choked up as they watched me run through the water and dig up sand. I heard Mom say “I waited for this day for so long.”

Man, how I missed that ocean smell. Sure, all of those Great Lakes we went to were fun, but this is the Ocean! And the other ocean, way on the other side of the Country, in a really beautiful place too.

I am the luckiest dog on earth.

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