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Happy Birthday Jerry!

This month is my birthday month and I’m Nine Years Old now! Wow, who woulda thought?
Jerry Visits the Robert Frost House in Vermont

My Mom and Dad celebrate my birthday all month long, because they don’t really know when I was born. I was a pound puppy, and when they came in to take me home, the doc told them I was “about” six months old. So what the heck they thought, let’s call October his birthday. Now I get to party for 31 days!

I’m still waiting for a yummy doggie birthday cake though. We haven’t seen a doggie barkery yet, but as soon as we do, oh boy I’m going to pig out. I’m going to have a party with my cousin Buzz Lightyear when we get to Troy, New York.

I just like how I get presents all month! Watch how I enjoy unwrapping them all by myself …

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