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I Still Got It!

Jerry meets QuinceWhile we were visiting Jim’s high school friend in New Jersey I got to meet Quince, a young Lab who thought he was all that. It was sure fun to play with a pup my size. It had been a while since I got to romp with a big dog.

I greeted him like a good dog and welcomed him to my pack by letting him sniff my butt really good. We got along just fine, but when he started acting tough I sure let him have it! I may only have three legs, but I can still run with the big dogs. This pup was all bark. But he would run scared whenever I went after him. I can act pretty tough myself when I want to. But it was all in good fun.

Quince gets tough with JerryQuince has got the makings of a good dog, but he does seem a bit unbalanced. He will sit upon command, but he’s gotta work on the stay thing. And he has this nasty little habit of nipping at people’s hands. I learned long ago not to bite the hand that feeds me. Or rather, my people taught me that. Perhaps Quince’s people could learn a thing or two from Cesar Milan’s new book!

Jerry Lets Quince Have It Jerry shows Quince Who's Boss

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