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Giving Props to Older Dog Pals

Ally the Seventeen Year Old GreyhoundWhen I was camping in Maine, I met the coolest lady dog. Her name is Ally (but her parents have a nickname for her; “Haggle Baggle Bag o’ Bones”!).

Ally is a retired racing Greyound. She is Seventeen Years Old!

Her Mom and Dad rescued her from a bad situation. Ally was living in a moving van, it was really sad. Now she lives in a home in Colorado, with so much love and attention! She gets around so great, you wouldn’t believe it. She eats a lot, but she keeps that slender girlish figure, and is as graceful and elegant as a gazelle.

And not only that, Ally has a sister that is thirteen years old!

Seventeen year old retired racing greyhound dogI told Mom and Dad that I want to eat whatever it is that they’re eating every night. Lucky gals!

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