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My Buddy Berkley Joins the Tripawd Club

Berkley Tripod DogMarion and Andrew wrote to us to tell us about their best friend Berkley, who has just become a tripawd. Berkley’s Momma was really worried about him, and not sure she had made the right decision about amputation.

Berkley is my best pal in this world and I love him so much and I just want to do everything I can to help him be happy.

Marion wasn’t sure about how to help Berkley get around, sit down, and manage with a missing back leg. But you know, we dogs are smarter than you humans give us credit for! We have all the get-go that we need to recover and hop around after a surgery like this, all you humans have to do is be patient, and watch us amaze you!

Later, Marion wrote to tell us:

Today, Berkley kind of layed down himself, I coaxed him somewhat and encouraged him to lean on me with his back leg and he just layed down. I was so happy. He’s been circling like you said Jerry did and just can’t figure it out, but today was a huge step for us.

See, I told you we’re awesome!

Berkley Tripod Dog 3Berkley’s Mom told us that instead of chemo, she will try a promising new holistic cancer treatment called Cantron, which she’ll tell you about in a minute.

But meanwhile, I hope I get to meet Berkley real soon, he looks like a very cool dawg!

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