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Sad News About Lefty

Tripod Dog from Philadelphia SPCAI am really sad to tell you that Lefty went over the rainbow bridge this past week. Her foster mom told us that she had serious complications after her amputation surgery.

She started to drastically deteriorate during her second week with us. First her back right leg gave way and was soon useless; then after a few days her other leg was shot. Eventually, she couldn’t stand, sit up to eat, and began to pee/poop less frequently since she couldn’t prop herself up. It was very sad. We think no one really knows what went wrong.

Dog Moms and Dads, please don’t let this scare you, because in the one year since my Dad made this website, we have not heard of this happening before. We aren’t vets, but it seems that complication like this are very rare. But, my Mom and Dad thought that you should know about it to keep an eye out out for things like this after surgery.

Our hearts go out to Lefty and her foster parents in Philly.

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