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Taylor’s Doing Great!

Taylor Recovers After Osteosarcoma SurgeryI just got this update from Taylor’s person, and wanted to let you know the great news:

Hi, I’m Taylor’s person ( 11/13 post). I just wanted to update everyone on his condition. We finally got his nausea gone from simply giving him Pepcid AC (famotadine) for a few days, per the vet. Since then he has been doing great. His appetite has come back with a vengeance. He got his first chemo treatment on Nov. 21, and has actually been behaving healthier afterwards, by chasing his owner around the house, and begging for human food! Not a side -effect in sight! Thanks for all the prayers… they’re working!!!

Here’s a picture of he and his bed being hijacked by our youngest kitty, Frodo.

Keep on keeping on, Taylor! Go! Go!

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