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Dontate Your Small Blood Sample and Help Fight Dog Cancer

petscreen.jpgOk canine cancer buddies, I know that you’re probably all dog tired from doctors poking and prodding and sticking you with needles, but if you can put up with one more teeny tiny blood draw, you can make a great contribution in the fight to end dog cancer:

PetScreen is a pioneering company dedicated to improving cancer detection and treatment in pets. We have developed the first ever screen for lymphoma cancer in dogs and we are now working on additional dog cancer screens for the other major canine cancer killers.

We are currently recruiting blood samples from dogs who have been diagnosed with either Mast Cell cancer or with Canine Osteosarcoma (bone cancer). If your dog has recently been diagnosed with either of these conditions and you would be willing to donate a small blood sample (just 1 ml) it would help us speed up the availability of new tests for these dog cancers and thereby help other dogs in the near future.

Thanks Lalla, for making us aware of this!

1 thought on “Dontate Your Small Blood Sample and Help Fight Dog Cancer”

  1. Hi Jerry! I’m going to the vets this afternoon to have my bloods checked (normal routine, mid chemo stuff) so my Mummy has arranged for an extra drop to be taken for the nice people at Pet Screen.

    Hope all is well with you and yours!
    Darcy Deerhound
    Manchester, UK


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