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Star Tribune Features Animal Amputees and … Me!

mntribune011208.jpgI’m enjoying my fifteen minutes of fame thanks to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Their recent story about animal amputees featured yours truly! The editor chose to run my photo with full page interview with Dr. Mike Henson from the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center.

The story discussed amputation as the treatment of choice for canine cancer, improved quality of life, and other common concerns.

With our pets, it is not just about the length of time we have with them, but their ability to enjoy that time to its fullest. That enjoyment is priceless – and is sometimes worth an arm or a leg.

I couldn’t agree more! Many thanks to the Star Tribune for helping to spread the word that it’s better to hop on three legs than to limp on four.

3 thoughts on “Star Tribune Features Animal Amputees and … Me!”

  1. Jerry, you are such a handsome boy! I’m glad we found you in the Mpls Star Tribune or my tripod, Rocky, and I never would have found this website. *hugs*
    ~Laura and Rocky Waldron

  2. Woohoo Jerry!
    I agree with Cali you are SUCH a good looking boydog! And such a fabulous ambassador for tripawds everywhere. How could anyone look at that photo and not be filled with hope that their dog was going to be OK?
    Oh, and the article was pretty good too!
    keep up the good work buddy!


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