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Rocky makes his momma proud.

Rocky after Osteosarcoma AmputationMy people just heard from Rocky’s person who is one strong individual. She and Rocky are both troopers! Just check out her story and you’ll see why…

My 8 year old dog, Rocky, a German Shepherd mix, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in July 2006 (right before my husband went back to Iraq w/ the Army). It was awful news, and I was crying for a long time…

I had his leg amputated w/in a week, and put him through chemo. They got the cancer early! He is cancer free, and doing GREAT. I’m so happy he’s a fighter and is with me. He’s my special boy – my other 2 dogs are females. 🙂

Here’s some pics! Thanks for sharing … It’s nice to know we aren’t alone ..

Rocky and his GirlfriendsNice to know indeed! Many thanks to Laura and Andy for sharing their story. We’re glad to hear that Rocky is doing so well. Very glad considering we could practically be cousins, we even had the same leg amputated, and we’re about the same age!

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5 thoughts on “Rocky makes his momma proud.”

  1. Rocky crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 4/3/08. I will miss him dearly…I love you, Rocketman! I will be with you again someday my beloved boy…

  2. Update on Rocky…He is suffering from some painful lower back arthritis, but is scheduled for some acupuncture therapy. Does anybody know of any good supplements to give him that really will help the pain? Thanks! -Laura


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