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Synflex glucosamine eases my arthritis pain.

Ever since my people started giving me the Synflex glucosamine supplement, I’ve been feeling great! They have even cut back on my Metacam nonsteroidal anti-inflamatory medicine since I started using it.

Shiva the Syflex Raffle Winner
Shiva wins free Synflex at Tripawds gathering.

They noticed such an improvement in my mobility and endurance with Synflex that we went to the Synflex factory to pick up a few extra bottles back when we were in Florida. And the kind folks there were nice enough to donate a couple bottles which we raffled off at the 2 Dogs 2000 Mile cookout to support the Big Dog’s walk from Austin to Boston with Hudson and Murphy.

Whether you have three or four legs, I recommend Synflex for arthritis pain. Or even two legs … they make it for people too! OK, I guess they did that first and discovered it works so well on pets that they added a beef flavor!

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