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Beezer and Boomer Say: Seize the Day, Silly Humans

dougbeezerboomer.jpgOh, you humans and your silly ways of thinking. You’re always talking about the past and the future, but how many of you are experiencing the moment you and your dog are in right now?

All week long my Mom’s been saying dumb thinks like “I shouldda done this…or that..” She seems to think she did something wrong these last 14 and a half months, and that’s why my cancer came back. She was “shouldding” all over herself, until she got this story about coping with canine cancer, sent to her from my friend Moose‘s dad, Joel.

An Excerpt from “On Fear
© Doug Koktavy

. . . I realized my fear of the disease was the fuel that was being used against me. Devilishly clever, my biggest enemy was not the disease, but me. I was the power source being used to generate the very negative energy destroying my own being and wasting a special day with my beloved dog.

This paradoxical contradiction was glaring. I had thought the growing presence of disease was causing my mounting fear. In fact, just the opposite was occurring. My daily increasing fear was causing the disease to grow and become more powerful. I decided it was high time to start working for me and the Beez, not against us.

If your pawrents are coping with your cancer, then you need to take them to Doug’s website. He has a lot of beautiful words there that will make them happy and sad, but most importantly, will get them to live every precious moment with you to the fullest, instead of acting like a silly human and fretting about your health. Good luck!

UPDATE: Since this post, Doug has published his helpful guide for coping with anticipatory grief, The Legacy of Beezer and Boomer.

Canine Cancer Anticipatory Grief Coping Guide

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