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Bye Bye Snow, Here Comes Summer!

Some of you may be thinking “What? Snow went bye bye months ago!” But not here in the Colorado high country where I’m camped out all summer with my pawrents. At over 9300′ above sea level, it takes a while for it to look like summer in these parts. But as you can see, the sun is out, and the snow is just melting away here.

I’ll sure miss it, but at least now I can finally go swimming in all the cool lakes around here. Come visit me while my pawrents work all day, let’s play!

5 thoughts on “Bye Bye Snow, Here Comes Summer!”

  1. Jerry,

    Loved watching you eat your “snow cones”!! Just watching you play and have a great time is such an inspiration!!


    Sandra and “Luna”

  2. i love how jerry makes his own slushies!!! 🙂

    we love you guys too!! many slobbery smoochies sent your way!!–samigurrrl

  3. Oh Sami, you are always welcome to come visit and play! The snow’s almost gone, but man it is gorgeous here. Lots of lakes and cool places to hang out and be mellow.

    We love you Sami! Oh and your pawrents too!

  4. OMG! jerry has so much energy!! what a cutie!!! you guys are having so much fun!! i am jealous of the snow! wish sami and i could be there to play!!! it is so hot here in pasadena, no fair!!!


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