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Toby the Ohio Tripawd Needs a Forever Home

Three legged Ohio dog available for adoptionMy friend Kelly in Ohio recently told us about adorable Toby, a beautiful dog that was rescued after he was shot by some evil person and the bullet fractured his leg to pieces. Luckily, Kelly works for a vet, who, along with Kelly, is helping Toby to recover and learn to trust humans again. Boy, we dogs sure are forgiving creatures, aren’t we?

You can read more about him in our forums. Please spread the word; if anyone you know in Ohio would love to give a forever home to this beautiful handsome boy, please contact us today.

5 thoughts on “Toby the Ohio Tripawd Needs a Forever Home”

  1. Our family is looking to adopt a tripaw dog. My 10 yr old son is also an amputee and he would love to have a tripaw to share this experience with. We do currently have a Lab/Rottie who is a 90 lb mushy sweetheart and a main Coon Cat… so whatever dog we get has to blend with them. I will be traveling to Cleveland the end of next week… if you are open to adoption to people who live in Pa

  2. UPDATE: as of 9/5/08, we are happy to report that Toby’s foster mom has decided to add him to her family! Yipee! Toby now has a forever home with eight brothers and sisters. Lucky, lucky boy.

  3. I posted this story on under my group, named: (not to be confused with the one & only: Toby is a long way from Oregon (where I live), but I was/am hoping that someone will see this post on zootoo and they’ll open up their hearts to him. There is just no way to understand why someone would be so cruel as to harm any animal. I subscribe to and, unfortunately, this world is overloaded with evil people. I sincerely hope that Toby finds his forever home soon.

    Vicki, Blazer & Kimber

  4. omg, i can not believe what this poor thing has been through!! thank goodness such a nice person found him and saved him!!!

    i wish we could take him!! we need to move to a farm so we can take in a bunch of hurt animals!!

    best wishes to toby!!!


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