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The Power of Pawsitive Thinking

Jerry Happy Cancer DogCall it faith, prayer, dharma, zen, juju or whatever you want; but one thing that my people believe in is the power of positive intention.

When I got sick, movies like The Secret and books like The Power of Now, really got them thinking, and helped them deal with the situation.

They’ve been telling me this daily mantra ever since …

You are a happy healthy dog, living free of pain and discomfort.
You will strive and thrive to survive every day, with us,
for a long time to come.
You attack every day with vigor, vim, vitality and punch.
Never giving up. Only letting go, when you know, the time has come.

My pawrents believe this little incantation is at least partly to thank for why I’ve out-lived the odds for as long as I have. (That and all the chemotherapy, medications and supplements they’ve fed me.) Perhaps your own daily mantra may help you and your tripawd.

Why not share your mantra with us here?

3 thoughts on “The Power of Pawsitive Thinking”

  1. Oh yes, my mantra is OBAMA OBAMA…where is da moneeeeey??
    OBAMA OBAMA…we got no moneeeey!
    Dog food is most expensive thing for us here at the Shwaryan commune. Good day Jerry! We pray for you to make it to seventh dog heaven!

  2. Yep, that was Maruk’s too…Carpe diem…Sieze the day. Boy, do they know how to do just that. :0)
    Our entire family’s mantra, fueled by the inquisitive animal companions in our lives since we were all kids, is “Forever curious!”

  3. Lalla’s was “Seize the Day” and it transformed naturally into “Seize the Wave”

    Sasha’s has always been the quote from jazz musician Charlie Mingus (and just for the record, Sasha doesn’t like jazz:-) “I’m lucky man, because I was blessed by God”


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