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Eating again, and on the road.

A couple weeks ago, I gave my people quite a scare when I refused to eat. That made them write about living life to the fullest and  what to expect when it comes to long term canine cancer care. Well, I showed them.

jerry eats raw chicken after refusing canine cancer dietWe saw my favorite veterinary oncologist in Denver last week and I now have a new medication routine. More about that later. But for now, suffice it to say, I’m hungry again!

While desperately trying to get me to eat, my people tried everything. I even turned down raw chicken livers. But the day after my visit with Dr. Mullins, they plopped down some chicken legs in front of me, turned their back, and heard me start to crunch away. Then I ate some dry kibble with ground buffalo, and boy were they happy! I just liked the new smorgasborg.

jerry eats ground buffalo after refusing canine cancer dietI had some prety runny poop for a few days. But at a follow-up visit this week, the good doctor said this is just from all the crazy different things I’ve been eating lately.  She said I’m as healthy as can be expected, and looked much better than a week ago.

So … we’re on the road again! Stay tuned for more details about my new regimen, and what we’re up to now.

9 thoughts on “Eating again, and on the road.”

  1. We are SOOOOOO happy to hear your news Jerry – we have been very anxious about you! Bet your mom and dad are relieved…..

    Love Carolyn and Winston from Seattle.

  2. Praise Jesus! See….prayer works! I’m thinking that the extra special prayers from Eisen & Daphne was irresistable without a doubt! Yeah!!!!! We love you all! Stacey, Eisen, Daphne & your special kittie friend Truman!

  3. Jerry,

    What wondrous news that you are eating again! That’s great! You look like you are really enjoying that chicken, too! I told you that new medicine was going to help!

    And, back on the road–excellent! Have a great time!



  4. WOOOHOOO!! Good boy, Jerry! We were wondering how you were doing, and we are glad to hear you are trucking along. Have a blast and do look up my sis if you get a chance.


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