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Video Interview with Rocco and his People

three legged german shepherd roccoWhen my people first saw pictures of Rocco, they knew we just had to be related. And when we found out Rocco lived along the route we were taking on our full-time RVing roadtrip, we were all excited to meet him.

While I didn’t quite make it, Jim and René did get to meet Rocco. The visit, just a week or so after my passing, was therapeutic.

More than just looking like me, Rocco’s similarities were uncanny. We both play ball, eat grass, swim, and have great big smiles with worn down teeth.

Meet Rocco in this video and see what his wonderful people have to say about their battle with cancer, and his amazing recovery.

Check out these scrapbook pages showing how much Rocco and I really are alike, and see how you can get your own custom photo book here.

rocco and jerry rocco and jerry rocco and jerry

3 thoughts on “Video Interview with Rocco and his People”

  1. Rocco is a handsome boy with a great love for life!!! He is lucky to have you two. Thanks for referring me to your blog, I’ll keep your family in my thoughts.
    (Director of Social Services Cashmere Convalescent)

  2. Jim & Rene! I love your interview videos with the owners of 3-legged dogs! Rocco is a very handsome dog & I must admit that I now have a real huge soft spot in my heart for German Shepherds because of Jerry. If ever I get in a situation where I can adopt, or rescue a German Shepherd, I would do it in a heartbeat (and you two would be the first to hear about it!) I’ll continue to patiently wait for the next 3-legged dog you find in your travels. Good luck, and all our love! Blazer, Kitty Kimber & Vicki T

  3. Greetings Rocco..nice interview! I noticed he likes to chow down on grass when he rests also (Buster does it too). Keeping the harness on fulltime is an idea! He does remind me a bit of Jerry Dawg xoxo


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