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“Ask an Oncologist” Live Chat: Tuesday, 12/2, 8pm Eastern

Dr. Mullins examines Jerry Dawg at Animal Hospital Center Denver COPlease join us for an “Ask an Oncologist” live chat, Tuesday December 2nd at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific.

Meet my oncologist, Dr. Marie Mullins, DVM, MS Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology). Dr. Mullins practices at Animal Hospital Center in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Mullins recieved her Bachelor of Science degree from Moravian College in 1997, graduated with honors from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2001, and completed a one-year internship at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital and Referral Center in New Jersey. She completed her medical oncology residency and Master’s degree at Colorado State University.

She has a special interest in an integrative approach to cancer treatment, designed to alleviate pain, stimulate the immune system, and to ultimately provide the best quality of life for the patient. In addition to conventional treatment, complementary treatment options Dr. Mullins also provides acupuncture, nutritional consultations and supplements, Chinese herbal therapy and Reiki services to clients.


5 thoughts on ““Ask an Oncologist” Live Chat: Tuesday, 12/2, 8pm Eastern”

  1. i just adopted an adorable mixed cha wawa.
    he is kind. kisses us all the time and is trained
    i found a bump by his shoulder wihtin 30 days of adpting him.
    HE had a lumpectomy last sat. dr called today
    Said tumor was STAGE 2 BUT LOW GRADE .
    She said i could go to oncologist but chemo was not needed at this time.
    it had clean margins. and non aggressive form. the most they would do is ultrasound
    his chest xray and blood workup was all good and clean

  2. I’m glad we were there. Dr. Mullins was very kind to share her time with us. Good job, Jerry, Jim & Rene!

    Vicki & the Kids

  3. Wow, this is a great idea. I hope lots of people see this blog so they can take advantage of asking a pro all the questions they may have about their dog’s cancer. I know I’ll be here, but will be in the background watching unless I can think of something worthwhile to ask.


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