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Jerry visits on 4-month anniversary of his passing.

Big Stick Fun in the Rocky Mountain Lakes of Vickers RanchOn this day, the four month anniversary of Jerry’s passing, we have reason to believe he is here with us …

The Patron Saint Jerry of Tripawds Candle we received from Codie Rae is lit and the flame has reached the center of his halo.

For the first time in weeks of being camped out in the desert without hearing a single cry on the wind, we just heard the calls of the coyotes.

In Tweeting for Jerry the TinyUrl was available for linking to his epitaph.

Long live Jerry.

5 thoughts on “Jerry visits on 4-month anniversary of his passing.”

  1. Thank you so much for giving a lifetime of love to Jerry. You were gifts and blessings to each other. Sharing your story will help so many others, not only tripawds and their pawrents, but everyone who loves dogs.
    Thank you again,
    I love you all,
    sister of Bambie 1960-77, mother of Irene 1976-89, Holly 1990-2002, and Barry 2003-present

  2. I left you a blog but I am totally overwhelmed with your story. My beautiful golden had her leg amputated last week and I wish I had your testimony to make me feel good about my decision. It tore me for 3 weeks. I know I made the right decision and thank you for the your testimony. My heart is with you both….

    • Thanks for commenting Carol. And thank you for taking such good care of your pup. Look in her eyes and she’s sure to thank you and tell you that you’ve done the best thing. You’ll find tons of advice and support in the discussion forums. Drop by and share your story!


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