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The three legged world is small.

With the growing number of dogs out there who require amputation and/or canine cancer care, it’s no wonder we run into one and another once in a while. But we’re always especially proud when this website is responsible for tripawds and their people meeting others all around the world.

Three Legged Dog Pola from IsraelAside from Star, I thought my darling girlfriend Lalla was the only tripawd in Israel. But now I doubt it. Though she’s gone now, her good person Sasha and Troy ran into three legged Pola and her people in Tel Aviv.

Next thing you know, we processed a Ruff Wear harness order for Pola’s people and received this great photo. Lookin’ good there Pola!

When faced with amputation for your dog you may feel alone in a really big world. Through this blog, the discussion forums, and our live chat, hopes to provide a small place where no one ever feels lonely. No matter where you live.

5 thoughts on “The three legged world is small.”

  1. I have a rescued 3-legged Chihuahua who is missing a front leg. He gets along just great and you would never know he is missing a leg. We think that this is a birth defect b/c there is no evidence of any amputation or trauma.

    I am worried that he will overuse his good front leg and lose use of it. Anyone have any similar stories or any resources to which you can point me. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    Many thanks! Arent Tripawd pets great???


  2. This is a great site , everyone has their own Tripawd story and you can pick up some great advice. best wishes to everyone fast dogs mom


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