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Six Months Later, I Shine a Light on Everything

Prayer Candle for Cancer DogsToday marks six months since my spirit was set free.

Mom went running today, and felt my presence more than ever. On a beautiful spring morning in the Texas Hill Country, her heart was comforted as she ran toward the dawn sunrise.

The golden light lit up  shiny new green leaves on big oak trees. Then she saw the reddest “vermillion flycatcher” bird that she’d ever seen, and smiled thinking about how my spirit was there in that beautiful creature.

Six months later, it’s not that it’s easier to live life without me around to cuddle and hold. She still gets all watery-eyed, even just writing this.

It’s just that with the passage of time, she’s able to better accept that I’m not gone, I’m just everywhere now.

7 thoughts on “Six Months Later, I Shine a Light on Everything”

  1. Jerry G. Dawg, Patron Saint of of Tripawds everywhere,
    Bless us one and all,
    Lend us your strength, joy, and love.
    Guide us through pain and sorrow,
    to the here and now,
    where all is as it should be.
    We shall hold you in our hearts forever.

    Jerry, Jim, and Rene, our altar is ablaze with candles tonight….and Jerry, yours shines the brightest
    Love and kisses,
    Codie Rae, Smokey, Ralph, and Martha

  2. You are certainly everywhere Spirit Jerry. Thank you for taking such good care of us all down here and all our beloved fur kids up there too.

    All our love,
    Mom and Zeus


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