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Cancer Survivors: Check Out Dr. Dressler’s Dog Cancer Blog

Dr Dressler Dog Cancer Guide BlogIf you don’t know already, there is this great blog dedicated to canine cancer, written by Demian Dressler, DVM, a veterinarian and owner of South Shore Veterinary Care in Maui, Hawaii. We don’t know how this busy doc finds the time to do it, but he frequently blogs about issues like radiation care, chemotherapy toxicity, and basic dog cancer terms that are incredibly helpful for pawrents coping with cancer.

Recently, Dr. Dressler published an e-book, “Information You Need: The Dog Cancer Survival Guide.” If his blog is any indication, this is sure to be a valuable resource for any pawrent finding themselves faced with a cancer diagnosis for their fur kid. His website says:

This full-length e-book separates the facts from the fiction and covers every possible option for your dog – from the traditional to the “far out”. Dr. Dressler guides you through chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, diets, lifestyle changes, mind-body medicine, and the latest cutting edge supplements … all scientifically proven to help support eradicating the signs and symptoms of cancer in your dog.”

Dr Dressler Dog Cancer GuideWe haven’t had the pleasure of reading it yet, but we hope to very soon. Meanwhile, if you decide to buy a copy, please let us know what you think. Watch Dr. Dressler’s video to find out more!

Kudos to Dr. Dressler, we applaud him for contributing to the availability of real-life dog cancer resources on the web!

2 thoughts on “Cancer Survivors: Check Out Dr. Dressler’s Dog Cancer Blog”

  1. My little girl Scotty was Dx in May of this yr with Lymphosarcoma, Type B. We immediately consulted with a Dr DiBernardi,oncologist in Palm Bch,who immediately started her on the Wisconsin Protocol of Chemo. Little info was exchanged with us re the potential life-threatening side effects of this Tx.
    We immediately purchased Dr Damian Dressler’s Canine Cancer kit, purchasing all recommended supplements and religiously following his recommended protocol. The Oncologist had no regard for any possible Tx for strengthening the Immune System in her defense against he Cancer and Chemo.
    I have been an RN for many yrs, knowing that a critical part of my role is to support, understand and always be HONEST with the pt. and family re the course of Tx.
    In summary, we lost our Scotty in November due the devastating side effects of the Chemo Tx. We believed both the oncologist at The Palm Beach Vet. Specialists Hospital and Dr Dressler when they addressed “Quality of Life” would be extended based on her early Dx and Tx.
    This NEVER occurred! We would have greatly appreciated respect for our basic intelligence re the realty of the odds of this disease and Tx, rather than wait and watch while our girl struggled and failed, without remissions. In November we finally had to make the heartbreaking decision to say good-bye to her based on our love and common- sense, rather than any direction or information provided by the multiple specialists involved.
    Thousands of tears and dollars later, we have learned that “false hope provided” is painful and unethical.
    Please ask all the difficult questions up front and DEMAND honest answers for both you and your pet. from your Vet.
    May you be blessed in your trip down this road and simply love your pet each step of the way you decide for them.
    You are truly their life Guardian.
    Judith Clark, RN
    Boynton Beach, Fl


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