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Family (a Thanksgiving Poem)

When it comes to dogs and the people who love them,words cannot describe how thankful we are for having our furry companions and their humans in our lives. Thank. You. So. Much.

Our friend Eve just sent her incredible Thanksgiving poem to us. Nothing more beautifully expresses the love we all share for the canine species. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

“north above tree line

between snow slow thaw

glacier scoured ground

mating season

nips, lips grazing muzzles


far from looking eyes

limbs entwined genitals so

closely clasped the pair

unmoves until swelling ceases

breath quiets in earthen cavity

of home

squirming young a pound more or

less of defenseless flesh

blind, deaf able only to breathe

suck from teats

patient eyed splayed on one side

mother a sweet shelf of warmth and

food her teeth cut cord and sac

noses them to nurse

food spit to hungry mouths

offspring learn

play, fight hunt elders

know skills are sure

young depart walking ley lines

encoded in time”

Author: Eve F.W. Linn

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