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The best gift of all

2009 Christmas Tripawd DogMy people want to wish three legged dogs everywhere – and their people – a very Merry Christmas!

They especially want to thank all Tripawds members for the best gift of all – the ongoing gift of compassion and community they give every day here in their Tripawds Blogs and the Tripawd Discussion Forums.

Tripawds Team ejoys first Christmas with Wyatt

They have their hands full this year, enjoying Wyatt’s first Christmas. But they look forward to hearing about all your three legged adventures. We feel for all of those who have lost their cancer heroes this year and offer everyone best wishes for great health and prosperity in 2010! Dog bless us, everyone.

6 thoughts on “The best gift of all”

  1. Wishing you guys and Wyatt a Wonderful Christmas… it will take some time… but he will calm down one of these days… 🙂 Plus, he is just so adorable… that you can’t stay mad at him for too long, right?

    Angel Jake’s Mom

    • Mad at Wyatt? No way. We can’t blame him for the behavior caused by the mean people who had him first. He really is a gem, we just have to polish him up so we can see him sparkle more!


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