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Dr. Rosenberg’s Thoughts on Metronomics and Supplements

Pawrents who are unfamiliar with veterinary oncology practices are sometimes under the assumption that oncology care is intent on curing cancer at any cost. But this misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. Preserving quality of life is always the number one priority of veterinary oncology practitioners, like Dr. Mona Rosenberg’s team at the Veterinary Cancer Group of Southern California.

The Veterinary Cancer Group’s doctors and staff work with clients to determine the most effective treatments that can ensure the highest quality of life for every patient. If one method fails to sustain a good quality of life, other options can always be explored to ensure as happy and healthy life as possible.

One of these options is known as the Metronomic Protocol, or low-dose continuous chemotherapy (LDC). This therapy works by preventing blood-vessel proliferation by the tumor, starving it of nutrients that enable it to grow and spread.

(Read about Tripawd Founder Jerry’s Metronomic Protocol experience here).

In the last of our three part interview series with Dr. Mona Rosenberg (founder of the Veterinary Cancer Group of Southern California) she discusses the Metronomic Protocol. She also presents her approach for using nutritional supplements while undergoing cancer care treatments, and the importance of living with cancer, instead of living in fear of it.


Tripawds sincerely thanks Dr. Rosenberg and her staff at the Veterinary Cancer Group for allowing us to bring this important information to you.

Since 1992, the Veterinary Cancer Group of Southern California has been committed to taking the fear out of cancer and providing in-depth information and access to the latest treatments.

The Veterinary Cancer Group is the largest, most comprehensive and sophisticated veterinary oncology practice in the world, staffed by leading board-certified medical and radiation oncologists, oncology residents, technicians, assistants and client care specialists. Learn more about the Veterinary Cancer Group of Southern California by visiting their website at

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