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Happy Triday from Bartholemew

…Six months later and i noticed a very slight limp in Barts gait.

bartholomewTook him to the vet who said it was probably arthritis with which i agreed it could be and he went on some anti inflammatorys. This actually seemed to help for a couple of months but then the limp slowly returned. He still never complained and got around alright but i was unaware of just how much pain he was in. I took him back to the vet and was given anti inflammatory meds again. By this stage the disease was quite advanced unbeknown to me. I have since been told that bone cancer is like someone holding an angle grinder to you bones 24/7…

…To anyone who has had the distressing news that their dog has osteosarcoma, please, i beg and implore you to amputate, there is so much support from people on this site, i know i couldnt have survived or made the right decision without the reassuring stories i read on here. Your dogs time is not up. Not by  a long shot…

Read Bart’s full story here.

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