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Happy Triday from Kess the BC

Tripawds member tombi shared Kess’s story on the Tripawds Facebook Page

Kess is a companion, an athlete, and a tripawd. She became lame at 5 years of age and after years of testing and surgery, and still no answers we decided to have her rear leg removed. It was actually an easy decision for me. The specialist who was helping us at the time was quite relieved that I brought up the option to AMPUTATE.

Such a scary word, but luckily we were already knew a very happy and successful tripawd canine athlete and ambasador. Following the surgery it was determined that Kess had a fairly rare form of joint cancer. In just 4 short weeks Kess was romping through the snow, in 4 months you would never have known she ever had 4 legs. I was really concerned that removing Kess’s leg might change her personality; she’s always been bold, brash, and somewhat reckless.

Removing her leg did change her, it brought back her silly smile, it brought back her joy, and it gave me back my best friend.

Read all forum posts started by tombi, or visit Kess’s blog for more information, photos and videos of this amazing dog loving life on three legs!


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