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Happy Triday from Sassy

Sassy is one sweet Rottie girl whose Momma Michelle has done so much to help others through their own Tripawd journey. Here is Sassy’s story about how she arrived here.

Sassy’s journey starts Oct 10,2012 when I took her into the vet for a limp. Figuring it was something that happened during a surgery 2 weeks previous.

We did x-rays, possible Osteoscaroma, I didn’t like that answer so went for the 2nd opinion. Same answer..

Short story Sassy became a Tripawd on November 14,2012. On February 14, 2013 Sassy will be celebrating 3 months amputation just in time for the 3/3 celebration of being a Tripawd.

Here is a link to Sassy’s Blog that tells our whole journey from the 1st day to current.

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Read Sassy’s Blog for some well documents progress reports from his amputation recovery. Search all Tripawds blogs or browse the directory for more kitty stories. Read all Tripawd Awareness Day stories here.

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