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Happy Triday from Zoe

We received this sweet Tripawd Awareness Day story from Zoe’s mom via email along with her osteosarcoma tumor amputation photos.

Meet my Amazing Zoe… At age 11, Zoe was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma.

Zoe osteosarcoma Bone Cancer Tumor

As you can see, there was no other choice but to give this 11 year young Old English Sheepdog a chance of survival. She was in extreme pain and it was either say goodbye, or take the doctors odds of possibly another 3 to 9 months with her. Neither SHE nor I would consider saying goodbye.


Two days after amputation my girl was up and around. Thru the amputation and chemo and the following 3 years, Zoe taught me just how precious every moment with your best friend really can be. She was such a trooper thru it all. She NEVER gave up, not even when I had to decide for her that enough was enough.


She was so strong willed, NEVER wanting to say goodbye never wanting to leave me behind . She went above and beyond what I could expect of her. She was beautiful inside and out, and I will never forget her.


This is my angel, My ZOE…I LOVE YOU and will always be so proud of you. There will never be anyone as amazing as you. Until I see you again…I’m sending all my love to you….Love Mom

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