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10 thoughts on “Hoppy Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Awww! Thanks for posting the graphic which I designed based on your Tripawd Awareness Day ribbon. You all have been and continue to be an enormous source of hope and inspiration. Through you, Jim and Rene, and your story of Jerry’s journey you have brought attention, awareness, and a sense of possibility to options and alternatives that most assumed or thought improbable. Information and knowledge are power! And Tripawds, through the information and vast resources it provides, and each of its members, who share their personal accounts so openly, form a community unlike any other. “Thank you” to each and everyone for: sharing your love for your tripawds, your words of encouragement and comfort, celebrating the milestones, remembering the anniversaries, and for taking part alongside both the triumphs and tribulations. Thank you all. Our quests with our beloved companions and their legacies will live on forever because of each of you.

    Maricela Gaytán (and Spirit Bruno)

    • {{{{{{hugs}}}}

      Maricela, your work is beautiful, we had to share it with the world. We would love to put this in our Cafe Press store, see my email from a couple of weeks ago.

      And I just want to add, thank YOU for all you’ve done to share Bruno’s life with us, to open the book of your journey and allow us all to come along so that we may support you every step along the way. Bruno’s legacy will always be here to show people that there IS life after a diagnosis, that anything is possible even when thing seem so dark.

      Many hugs to you and your pack!

  2. That is so beautiful….so poignant. Thanks Bruiser Bruno for inspiring your mom to still touch lives on your behalf.

    Just want to throw out a thought……maybe this could be turned into a “mat” for a picture frame or just a wall hanging where everyone could put their tripawd hero’s picture in———whether they are still in this life or smoozing it up across the bridge. And the proceeds could go to TRIPAWD site.

    Celebrating and honoring the life of all tripawds, Sally and Hannah

    • We’re definitely talking about that Sally, it’ll hopefully be in our store soon.

      Thanks for all of your enthusiasm, you are really a joy to be around!


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