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Long-Term Osteosarcoma Tripawds, Please Take This Quick Survey

Calling all Tripawd Cancer Warrors! Is your Tripawd a long-term osteosarcoma survivor for at least 1 year? If so, please take a second to help us compile some statistics about long-term osteosarcoma survivors. Even if your Tripawd has earned wings, we still want to hear from you.

A big thanks to Tripawds member Jill the Cat, who gave us the idea for compiling this data.

This fast and confidential survey will help the Tripawds community share details about longevity, treatments that members pursued and other information to help educate new Tripawds members as they begin their own journey.

Please respond no later than Friday, May 3 at 12:00 midnight Eastern time. We will announce the results the following week. Thanks for taking the time to help pet pawrents everywhere!

NOTE: This survey has ended. Please review the results at…

First 2013 Tripawds Survey Results: Long-Term Osteosarcoma Survivors

Reminder: Complete analysis of the 2011 Tripawds Amputation and Cancer Study is available for download, thanks to Chloe’s mom.

6 thoughts on “Long-Term Osteosarcoma Tripawds, Please Take This Quick Survey”

  1. Just found your survey and wanted to get in on it. I had my leg taken off at 15 and did radiation and chemo. I got a urinary infection and spent another week in the hospital but I pulled thru again. I am now 17 and I thank Mom and Dad everyday for deciding to give me my life. I have arthritis but I still get along pretty good so far. I hope I can inspire others to not give up.

  2. Great idea and a great survey. I think it would be worthwhile however to survey the food/meal plans people give to their pets. Since diet is the essence of life, perhaps we’d learn a bunch from post-osteosarcoma amputee diets and their related survival times.


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