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Tripawd Tuesday: Gratitude for Our Generous Supporters

There’s no doubt about it: whether a Tripawds member helps out by giving their time to support members in the Forums or with a direct financial Tripawds Supporter gift, or both, everyone helps make this community an incredible resource for pawrents.

But today we would like to take a minute to express our sincere gratitude to the following special Tripawds contributors who helped put the summertime Tripawds Operational Fund Campaign over the top since our last campaign update on August 7. These individuals chipped in with generous gifts in honor of our Tripawd heroes both past and present. Their help brought the total campaign amount raised to an amazing $2,409!

Please give a rowsing round of applawse to:

Esther Bacso & Snoop

Deborah Laird and Angel Bailey


Bob Huestis & Spirit Libby


Sally Holladay and Happy Hannah
“In memory of all of the Tripawd heroes who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.”

Happy Hannah

and last but not least,

Don & Sandra Levy

Jacqueline Siegelman

From the bottom of our hearts to the tips of our tails, thank you for helping to offset the costs of staying online. We hope we don’t have to do another campaign for a very long time!

Please forgive us if we missed you or a supporter you know of: if we neglected to include a supporter on this list or our previous one, contact us so we can properly acknowledge the generosity.


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