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Tripawds 2014 Calendar Project Update

Many thanks to everyone who submitted a photo for the 2014 Tripawds Calendar Project! By Friday’s deadline we received 61 fantastic photo entries from Tripawds members around the world.

But we have a problem:

2013calendarThere’s only 12 months in a year!

Originally, voting to select the 12 best calendar photos was going to occur via the Tripawds Facebook Page. Unfortunately we didn’t think this through before we wrote the rules. We learned this voting process would exclude some Tripawds members who aren’t on Facebook. We don’t think this is fair. We also really want everyone to be included.

So, we hope you don’t mind, but in order to make sure everyone is part of this year-long celebration of Tripawd Power we decided to scrap the voting process altogether.

Instead . . .

Everyone who submitted a photo by last Friday’s deadline WILL get into some kind of 2014 Tripawds calendar!

Whether it’s a month-by-month, a calendar poster or a weekly planner, all photo entries will be included in one version or another.

Tripawds Admin Guy is working hard to lay out the different calendar designs. Yes, you will be able to know which calendar features your own Tripawd hero.

We’re sorry for any confusion, and we hope you think this is a good idea. Since 2006 we’ve struggled with choosing which photos to include in our annual calendar. So far, this seems like the fairest way to make sure everyone who took the time to submit a photo is included. We hope you agree.

Stay tuned for more details about The Tripawds Calendar Project!

15 thoughts on “Tripawds 2014 Calendar Project Update”

  1. hello

    Beautiful really have created the most wonderful community for which I am most grateful…will you send a message when the calendars are available 🙂

    much love Joanna and her three paw

  2. I am a new member with a Chocolab who is scheduled for amputation next Tuesday, due to a tumor on his hind leg! I’m so glad I found your site…what a boost it gives me!

    What a wonderful solution to the 2014 calendar pics! Perhaps you could consider making this policy, as there are so many deserving dogs, and for those who don’t make it to the next year, it is a lasting Tribute!

    Thanks for being here for us!

    • Oh you made our day, thank you for the very sweet email and sharing your dog’s story. We hope everything goes well, please let us know how we can help make the journey easier. And we sincerely appreciate your thoughts on the calendar pics. It seems like we finally found a way to do it so everyone can be in it if they want to be. We look forward to adding your pup in our next one (you can also get a custom pin-up calendar from our gift store in the meantime). Thanks again, we look forward to hearing more about your Tripawd hero!

  3. Oh no! I’m almost in tears!

    I just checked Tripawds a few weeks ago and didn’t see anything about the calenders and now I missed last Friday’s deadline to submit a photo of Charley for the Tripawds calendar….and the worst part is that Charley is only 15 days away from celebrating his 3 Year Ampuversary!

    If there is anyway I can still submit a photo of Charley, it would be greatly appreciated. I always buy lots of the calendars to give for Christmas presents. If not, I understand.

    Sad and heartbroken,
    Ellen (and Charley….who still sends his chocolate Labby kisses)



    They were funny, they were prod, they were beautiful, they were cute, they were adoravle, they were gripping, they were heart warming,…….they are all loved so much and they are all gifts tous and to this community!

    Thank you for acknowledging these lovely souls who surround us with their grace everyday.

    AND THE CROWD CHEERS……….THA K YOU AND WE OVE YOU…..–(and sorry for all the extra work Admin, but we all appreciate this comassi ate gesture more than you know!


    Sally and Happy Hannah


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