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7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Leo the Strong and Brave”

  1. Leo, you are a very hndsome boy ideed! You and your firend take a beautiful picture together and the back drop isperfect!

    Would love to know more about you and your journey. You’ve probablt posted mor info. here, but I was unable to pull up.

    So I also shall just send you sm love and woofs too!!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    • Hi, Im Leo (I will be 11 on 2/11/14) and this is my sister Sadie (she is 9). I lost my leg to osteosarcoma May 31, 2013 and the end of August they stopped my Chemo because the cancer had spread to my lungs. This picture was taken that week we found out when I started coughing up blood. We were camping. I love camping we go all the time. But now Im not doing to good and cant go camping anymore. This was so nice to see my pic up on the site and see your kind words. Tell Happy Hannah I said hi and would like to know more about you guys too! =)
      Leo and my mommy Sherry


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