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Tripawd Tuesday: Anthony Mater’s Miracle

Today on Tripawd Tuesday we hope you enjoy this touching story of Anthony Mater. He’s come a long way to get to where he is today, let’s give him three-paws up!

Here’s his story as told by his human, Rex:


This is Anthony Mater. He is 2 and a half years old. He has overcome so many things in his life.

He was born with a bone disease that caused fluid buildup in his lungs, heart, and brain. They preformed one surgery trying to save his back leg when he was 5 months old. He had to be woken up during surgery because his heart rate dropped very low. He was in intensive care for 3 days.

After bringing him home I realized he wasnt using his back leg and he wasnt getting any better. So they preformed more tests and another surgery to clear the fluid out of his system. I was told there was nothing else i could do for him and to put him down, I refused.

Finally after countless specialists and many tests he went in for his final surgery at 8 months old and became a Tripawd due to his disease. That didn’t slow him down any as he healed up well and remained very happy.

3 months later he sprained his front arm due to his disease and his bones being fragile. He is now in a wheelchair but does good without it.

Due to his disease he has developed seizures and has brain damage due to how many he has had. He is doing good now though and he has spent his last 2 years surviving this disease and overcoming the odds.

He is so sweet and shows me every day that there isn’t anything he wont try and do.

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2 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Anthony Mater’s Miracle”

  1. Rex amd Anthony Mater!! ‘Got a few tears going on over here! But they’re hapy tears!

    Happy that you two are in eachother’s life! Happy that Anthny Mater can find joh in just being loved and enjoying life to the fullest, regardless of the cards he’s dealt!

    Anthny Mater has not nly spent the last two years “surviving”, he’s spent the last two years LIVING! He knows what love feels like!

    For whatever reason, I wasn’t avle to see his picture. I jave a tavlet and sometimes it does wonky things when it comes to photos. I’m gonna keep checking back though, because sometimes this talet “thing” will let me see a piture later!! Crazy, but true!

    Thanks for sharing this illuminating story of love and devotion. I applaude you both!

    Keep on keeping on Anthony Mater! We’ve all just becomemyour biggest fans!

    Sally amd Happy Hannah

    • Thank you so much . We have 2 pages on facebook anthony mater and help anthony mater if you would like to know more and see his pictures 🙂


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