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Help Stop Bone Cancer in Dogs

As avid supporters of the Morris Animal Foundation, we hope you will encourage Golden Retriever pawrents to check out this guest post by Katie Friedson, on behalf of Morris.

Osteosarcoma, which causes 85 percent of primary bone tumors, is often found in large breed dogs, including Golden Retrievers. As many Tripawds members are likely familiar with, this type of cancer is often treated by amputating the affected limb combined with chemotherapy.

Though dogs often deal with the loss of a limb very well, being able to prevent your pet’s bone cancer would be every pet owner’s ideal choice.

Morris Animal Foundation is launching the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study to help keep our dogs happy, healthy, and bone cancer free.

This study’s aim is to learn what causes cancer and other diseases in Golden Retrievers, as well as to learn how to detect and treat these diseases (including cancer). Your dog could help further this goal by participating in the study, which includes questionnaires and annual exams.

Any Golden Retriever can participate, as long as:

  • The Golden Retriever’s human guardian is older than 18 and resides in the contiguous United States.
  • The Golden Retriever is healthy and less than two years old.
  • The Golden Retriever has a three-generation pedigree.

Tripawds are courageous and still maintain joyful, full lives, but I am sure we would all love to prevent bone cancer and amputation in as many dogs as possible. To learn more or sign up a dog for the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, visit the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study webpage.

 Author Bio: This is a guest post by Katie F. on behalf of Morris Animal Foundation. Visit  Morris Animal for more information [on] the animal health research studies that Morris Animal Foundation participates in.

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